Social media photos

Everyday life at Cybernetica

Our social media functions mostly as an insight into our office life for people interested in working at Cybernetica. Photos should reflect the professional yet fun environment of a modern tech company.

Always prefer unstaged photos of people. Use images shot in good light and avoid adding too many filters. Upload photos at the maximum resolution to make sure they stay sharp on different screen sizes.

Keep in mind

  • Use similar style throughout the social media channel
  • Use similar cameras and filters
  • Find different topics
  • Keep it authentic

What to avoid

  • Do not try to compensate low quality with filters
  • Too many similar topics (for example group photos)
  • Creating mixed media images (adding something through photo editing)
  • Photos with no content or explanation
  • Blurry, low resolution and low light or overexposured photos

Design system